Two Kittens, cats, are better than one!!

Kittens and Cats for Adoption

Ten Reasons why Two Kittens Are Better Than One

The decision to adopt a kitten is an exciting event, but not to be entered into lightly. Kittens require an enormous amount of care, which, of course, is compensated by the extreme pleasure of watching them grow and develop. It is often better to adopt two kittens, whether this is your first cat or an addition to a feline family.  Here are 10 reasons why 2 kittens, or cats, are better than one (click on the link following for more information, and cute photos!!)  ...

  1. You're saving two lives instead of one.
  2. One kitten can become lonely
  3. One kitten can just drive an older cat nuts.
  4. Two kittens will "self-train."
  5. They help each other burn off energy.
  6. Fewer behavior problems with two kittens
  7. Curiosity overcomes "food finickyness."
  8. They act as pillows for one another.
  9. Having two kittens is insanely fun.
  10. They will each have a friend for life.

To the right - Another happy ending!! Faith and her parents had earlier adopted Cali (pictured on following page with my big cat Luke) and though her parents only wanted one kitten they soon reconsidered knowing that Cali would be happiest with a feline companion along with her human friends (and having a happy and contented kitten is even more fun for the human family, as well as less effort!)! So they came back within the week and adopted Merlin too, and as you can see Faith is very happy that they did!! And of course Merlin and Cali are thrilled that they did!! (That also means that Faith and her family saved two lives, thank you, thank you!!)