More Kitten and Cat Links

Kitten and Cat Links

Volunteer opportunities!!
You too can foster kittens and cats, and puppies too!!  Or if you prefer you can volunteer in many other very useful ways, including kitty and puppy cuddling, at the Or Co Animal Services.  Click on the link above for more information which also includes a link to contact Patsy, the Volunteer Coordinator at OCAS, directly. 
Care Feline Rescue Inc

CARE Feline Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing the population of feral and abandoned cats in Orange County through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). They work in conjunction with Orange Co Animal Serv by offering free spay/neuter and vaccines for feral and abandoned cats in Orange County.

Kitten Health Program/Vaccination Schedule
I have had quite a few people ask me about vaccination schedules for kittens ... the best news is that if you've adopted a kitten or cat from Or Co Animal Services or thru me directly, the feline should be current on vaccinations for the year, and those vaccinations are included in the adoption fee of $40!!  But as an FYI if you click on the above link it will take you to a website that provides vaccination/health schedules.  If you'd like more information or a comparison there is a wealth of information on the internet available with a simple search query.
Please, please spay, neuter your pet!

Please spay or neuter your pet (low cost spay/neuter options are readily available, please email me if you would like more information on this). There are many myths about spaying and neutering cats and dogs, please click on the above link to learn more about the facts about spay/neuter.  And though you might find homes for the kittens and puppies from your litters, that may be taking away an opportunity for a deserving homeless kitten or puppy to be adopted from a shelter or rescue group.  Pet overpopulation and abandonment is a widespread and daunting problem throughout our state and nation.  Every single day countless numbers of perfectly friendly and healthy kittens, cats, puppies and dogs are being euthanized right here in Central Florida due to the overwhelming number of abandoned and homeless animals ending up in our local shelters.  If you have any doubt in regards to this, or to the benefits of spay/neuter, just volunteer one day at your local animal shelter or rescue group, I gaurantee that this will have a profound and longlasting impact on you!

Other fun stuff....Kittens and cats favorite toys...

First and foremost, kittens and cats need an outlet to stretch their paws and backs, and how they do this is by scratching.  No need to de-claw just provide an alternative!  Our first choice is the Turbo Scratcher which is both a toy and an outlet for scratching! And not only do the kittens and cats love it, but you will have hours of fun just watching them play with it! It is an essential accessory in any kitty household! The Turbo Scratcher can be purchased at your local petstore as well as Walmart.  A very inexpensive and humane alternative to de-clawing!

We also recommend sisal twine scratching posts... be aware that neither cats nor kittens seem to like the carpeted version, but absolutely adore the sisal version!!  FYI -- it is a myth that cats scratch furniture to sharpen their claws, rather they scratch to stretch their paws as well as their back... next time you see a cat scratching, see how they are in fact stretching their back!

Kittens and cats alike love feather toys!!  Their absolute favorite is the large feather teaser, available at PetSmart and most other petstores as well as retail stores like Target. You and your feline will have hours of fun and interaction with this inexpensive wonderful toy!

Another favorite is the Smarty Kat Flutter ball.  You can teach your kitty to fetch and retrieve with this, AND it is a toy that cats and kittens alike will play with on their own, a good thing to keep them entertained when you are not around!  The Smarty Kat Flutter Balls come in packets of 3 and are available at most local pet stores, Walmart, Walgreens and Publix, and the like. 

Save a life, adopt a shelter/rescue pet!!