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Info on Kittens and Cats Adoptions

The following are links to provide information on Orange County Animal Services, adopting kittens and cats, as well as some other useful kitten sites.  Also please see the next "Links" page for additional informative websites.

Orange County Animal Services

Information page for Orange County Animal Services; including adoption information, hours and location.

Orange Co Animal Services NetPets link
Listed on this site are photographs of the animals that are currently at the shelter. Each animal, pending acceptable temperament testing and health screen, may be available for adoption.
Adopting from an Animal Shelter
Animal shelters are your best source when looking for a pet. Not only do they have a great selection of adult animals for adoption, but they also have kittens and puppies! Many pets at your local shelter are waiting for new homes because they were obtained by someone with unrealistic expectations of the time, effort, and money required to sustain a lifelong relationship with their pet. National figures indicate that about more than half of the animals in shelters must be euthanized for lack of homes. Animals at your local shelter are eager to find a new home and are just waiting for someone like you.
Benefits of Adopting an Older Cat
Many people who are thinking of taking on the responsibility of a new pet often think about adorable, playful kittens as their first choice.  However, there is a whole other realm of possibility... the adult cat!
Introducing Your New Kitten/Cat to Your Other Pets
Wouldn't it be nice if all it took to introduce a new kitten or cat to your resident pet were a brief handshake and a couple of "HELLO, My Name is..." name-tags? Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple, which means you'll need to have some realistic expectations from the outset.  What are realistic expectations?  Among them is understanding the need to move slowly during the introduction process to increase your chances for success.  Please click on the above link for a PDF file that provides guidelines for the process.
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Cat Care
Getting a new kitten may raise all kinds of questions about kitten care. But kitten care need not be a mystery. These pages will guide you with everything from bottle feeding orphaned feral kittens to training and socializing your new kitten. You’ll find all the support for kitten care that you need, within these pages. Your good care of your kitten will pay off in rewards you can't imagine.