Beloved Bandit

In Memory Of

Your life ended much too soon but you blessed me with the time we did share.  My little girl, you are so missed, but some part of you will be with me always. 
  Oct 23, 2006-- June 25, 2008

Bandit adored by Luke.  Nov 17, 2006

Both Bandit and Luke were survivors of panleukopenia (a disease with up to a 90% mortality rate in kittens).  But as a result Bandit was left with Cerebellar hypoplasia, a disorder primarily manifesting with uncoordinated movement resulting in difficulty walking and often toppling over. Even so Bandit learned to compensate as best she could, and the other cats were sensitive to her disability, most particularly Luke.

Beautiful bright-eyed baby girl, I miss you so much.   I still hear your funny little voice in my head and look for you in all your favorite resting places... I hope to see you again across the Rainbow Bridge.

You were so courageous with your disability... I hope where you are now you are able to run and play which had been denied to you for most of your young life. 

All who knew you fell in love with you... you touched so many with your sweetness and courage.

In rescue work, one encounters many heart-breaking situations, hears such sad stories, and sees too much neglect and tragedy (often to the very young and defenseless), sometimes it requires a special strength and compassion to continue.  ****************************************************************   Bandit, you are my inspiration.